November Energy and Unplugging

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

— Ann Lamott —

Why is this happening???

That thought crosses my mind often when dealing with my various first-world problems.

Problems like:

  • The sound from my television suddenly disappearing…
  • My Bluetooth headphones no longer wanting to connect with my iPhone…
  • My camera not connecting to my iPhone when I’m trying to download pictures…
  • My printer not connecting to my computer…

…and so it goes…one disconnect after another.

Each of these problems is usually solved by simply unplugging, pausing, and replugging/rebooting.

I have absolutely no idea why these simple actions always seems to solve my problem–but they do.

This weekend was tough on me mentally.

As I noted in a post from a couple of days ago, my former business partner/good friend is battling significant health problems brought on by COVID.

I’m so sick of COVID and all the bullshi$ it’s brought along with it.

We can argue all we want about this crazy virus and its origins, treatments, prevention, etc. But I believe we can all agree on one thing–that it is of evil origin and that the enemy continues to use it to its advantage.

Late yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk in the woods and unplugged and prayed.

That simple act helped me a lot as I got myself reconnected to the One who has all the answers to life’s “disconnections.”


When the world is not working the way you want it to and giving you more problems than you know what to do with, do you unplug from it and connect to the Source that contains all of your solutions?

Try unplugging and praying…it works.

Matthew 14:23, “And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone,”


2 comments on “November Energy and Unplugging

  1. Regina Jones on

    I absolutely feel your pain on this issue. I have been praying about this as well.
    I needed the reminder to re-boot.
    Perfect timing!
    I believe I will head to the gym now!
    Thanks for the reminder “Coach”.

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