Recovery Month – Day 23 – Responsibility

Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes.

— Unknown —

September is National Recovery Month.

The focus of my blogs throughout the month of September will be on addiction and its life-destroying tendencies. The writings derive from my own experiences of battling addiction and living a life of recovery.

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday (September 22).

The withdrawal process had started and the primary difference between this particular journey through withdrawal and the others is that the people around me knew what was happening. When I went through withdrawal on my own, I would tell people I had a bad case of the flu.

During the first couple of days of detox the nurses informed me that on Day 5 I was going to begin participating in the chemical dependency program. That thought scared me because I knew my withdrawal took anywhere from seven to ten days.

I remember a nurse waking me up on day 5 around 7 AM and telling me I had to go with the group to eat breakfast and then attend a devotional /prayer meeting by 8 AM. I looked at her, and my face must have said, “Are you kidding me?” She said, “Seriously, you HAVE to eat and go to the morning meeting, and before you go, be sure to make your bed.”

Every day for the next five weeks, I got up, made my bed, ate a good breakfast, and attended the 8 AM devotional meeting.

This was the start of replacing a very destructive habit (my addiction) with good habits.

God put me right where I needed to be.

Addiction turns adults into children as we tend to become irresponsible and undisciplined…I write from experience.

More to follow tomorrow.

What responsibilities are you turning your back on?

What ‘beds’ in your life are you leaving unmade?

Taking responsibility for your life requires action on your part.

If you struggle with taking initiative on your own, try praying to God for the willingness and desire to take positive action.

Hebrews 12:11, “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”


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