Recovery Month – Day 15 – Inaction

An object at rest stays at rest.

— Newton's 1st Law —

September is National Recovery Month.

My blogs will focus throughout September on addiction and its life-destroying tendencies. The writings derive from my experiences of battling addiction and living a life of recovery.

These specific writings are focused on the ACT acronym.

ACT leads to sobriety…

A – Acknowledge you have a problem, are powerless over it, and need help.

– Connect with a power greater than you and people with solutions to help you conquer your problem.

T – Take positive, recovery-oriented action every day.

Today is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

As I noted yesterday, the recovery guy I connected with gave me hope and a game plan to get me on the road to recovery.

The plan included:

  1. Praying daily for God to keep me sober. (BTW–it’s hard for God to keep you sober if you aren’t sober–just saying),
  2. Having daily phone calls or in-person meetings with him.
  3. Attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings with him daily.

Over two weeks, I called him a couple of times and attended zero (0) AA meetings. I did pray a few times, but they were still negotiation-type prayers–God, if you get me sober and out of this mess, I will be your greatest disciple ever, etc... throughout this process, I continued to use. The mental aspect of my disorder began to worsen.

Newton’s first law is absolute truth. An object at rest stays at rest.

Recovery takes action, and our ACTIONS, or lack thereof, will determine the quality of recovery for those battling substance use disorders.


More on this tomorrow.

What changes do you need to make in your life?

You cannot think your way out of something you’ve behaved yourself into.

Real change takes action every day, no matter how big or small.

Luke 11:9, ” And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”


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