Proverbs 8…about Jesus

When reading the 8th Proverb it is hard to not draw comparison to Jesus.  In fact, I believe this Proverb is about Jesus and what a relationship with Him will mean.  After reading this chapter a couple of times, one cannot help but think about how hard it is to draw our strength, worth, joy and peace from the world…been there done that and I know first hand it will leave you unfulfilled every time.

In this Proverb Jesus tells us He was there with God from the beginning(v.22) and He is all knowing (v.12).  He tells us He is far more valuable than rubies (v.11), He has riches and honor as well as enduring wealth and justice (v.18), those who love Him will inherit wealth (v.21), if we follow His ways we will be joyful (v.32), if we find Him we find life and favor from the Lord(v.35), if we miss Him we injure ourselves and love death (v.36). (NLT)

Hmmm, I for one, can relate to all of this.  As I’ve often told my fellow blog readers, when people say “Jay how do you know there is a Jesus?”  I simply tell them my life story prior to following Jesus (injury and almost death) and what has happened since.


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