Perseverance and Truth

Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.

— Friedrich Nietzsche —

I’ve learned so many invaluable lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic but none more so than the fact that most human beings have an insatiable desire for the truth…especially when it aligns with their thinking. 🙂

Enough of the cynicism Jay.

Having been in the health care industry for the majority of my adult life I am blessed with having a pretty solid understanding of how fluid and unpredictable disease is. There are very few absolutes.

Physicians are experts in problem solving and trial and error is often their most valuable tool.

In the early stages of figuring out a novel (brand new) virus such as COVID-19 the “facts” and “truth” change day to day because more meat is placed on the bones of each as we gain a better understanding of what makes this crazy little virus tick.

This creates much angst for people who simply want to know the “truth.”

It’s easy for me to understand that gaining control over this enemy is a marathon and not a sprint.

I firmly believe WE WILL develop a standard procedure for treatment sooner than later with a vaccine not long after.

Remember, just two months ago our treatment protocol consisted of allowing our bodies to fight off the virus on its own, and in extreme cases where people were struggling to breathe, they were placed on ventilators with a less than fifty percent chance of survival.

Today I am aware of at least six medications that have shown promise in fighting the disease and I continue to hear good news about the development of a vaccine that is showing positive signs.

I know…

We are tired.

We are worried.

We are frustrated.

We are uncertain.

All the above causes us to be desperate for answers…desperate for the truth.

The devil knows when we are desperate.

But so does God.

It’s up to us where and Whom we seek our truth.

No one knows the total truth about COVID-19, the future of our economy, the future of our social lives, or the future of anything for that matter…except One.

May you trust in Him now and seek all truth from Him.

Throw your feelings of worry, uncertainty, tiredness, frustration, and angst into His hands. Depend on Him for your answers to your questions about this crazy time.

With Him desperation is the door that hope walks through…I always write from experience.

Proverbs 15:14, “A wise person is hungry for truth, while the fool feeds on trash.”

Ephesians 6:14, “Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth.”



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