One Day or Day One

One day or day one. You decide.

— Unknown —

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my dad’s gravesite. After the visit, I took a short walk in and around the area of his final resting place.

It amazed me how many people I knew.

Then I found my mind wandering off to a state of curiosity…

Were these people Christians?

Were they prepared for eternal life or will they forever be dead and not see the streets of gold?

Did they live their lives fully with no regrets?

Were they at peace with themselves and others when they passed on?

How about you? What are your answers to the questions above?

How is your 2020 New Year’s resolution going?

Death befalls us all and cemeteries are full of people with good intentions who procrastinated in the world of “One day I’ll.”

Day One or One Day…it’s your choice.

There are only two steps in getting things done–Start and Continue.

BTW…I found the gravestone of Albert McKnight in Piqua, Ohio while on a walk with my dogs this past autumn. My guess is Albert was not a “One-day I’ll,” type of guy.

Proverbs 5:23, “He dies for lack of discipline, and because of his great folly he is led astray.” 


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