Drifting without aim or purpose is the first cause of failure.

— Napoleon Hill —


In Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil,” Hill writes about a lengthy conversation he had with the devil almost eighty years ago.

This “conversation” may seem bizarre to some, but I believe it happened as I could not contest any of the points the devil makes in his conversation with Hill.

I most likely “get” this conversation because I have a little history of running with the devil. 😉

In his conversation with Hill, the devil clarifies that his favorite people to work with and through are the drifters who aimlessly float through life with no apparent purpose.

They go to bed with little anticipation of the prospects for tomorrow, and they arise the following day and unconsciously get sucked into the world and the world’s doings.

The drifter most likely thinks, “Why worry about having a purpose when the news and my “friends” on social media are all telling me the world is burning?”

The person whose rudder is Jesus stays focused on making a positive difference in the world because they know only One can burn the world OR put the fire out.

How do we avoid drifting?

We avoid drifting by having an intentional daily walk with God, which includes…

  • Talking with Him
  • Listening to Him
  • Witnessing for Him
  • Trusting in Him

and NOT…

  • We spend excessive time “drifting” through the content of the devil’s favorite tools: social media, smartphones, computers, and T.V.s.

Do you get my drift? 🙂

Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.”

Psalm 86:11, “Teach me your ways, Oh Lord, that I may live according to your truth. Grant me purity of heart that I may honor you.”

Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”




Plan – A dream/goal remains a dream until it is put into writing. Putting your dream or goal in writing is the first step in creating a PLAN to achieve it. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Effort—Turning your dream/goal into reality requires a commitment to consistent and focused effort toward executing your plan. Nothing great in life happens without working hard.

Attitude—If you believe you will achieve your dream, your chances of achieving it exponentially increase. Always remember that your attitude determines your altitude in life.

Community – Nothing great in life happens by doing it alone. The chances of achieving your dream expand as your COMMUNITY of positive mentors and coaches expand. You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with…and yes, spending time with “people” through books and instructional videos factors into your average.

Energy—Chasing and achieving your dream requires optimal mental, physical, and spiritual ENERGY. So put your dream in God’s hands and focus on nurturing your mental and physical well-being.

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