Crushing Fear – Day 39 – Ego

With the disappearance of God the Ego moves forward to become the sole divinity.

— Dorothee Solie —


When God isn’t running my show, my ego is, and ego means Easing God Out…and when I ease God out, the enemy eases in.

A major epiphany took place in my life when I believed and trusted God had all the answers and I did not. From that point forward I tried my best to place God at the center of all of my decisions and they always seem to be better when I do this.


What is at your center?  You can find out by keeping track of your thoughts for a few days.  Are your thoughts focused on bringing attention to God or to yourself?


Do your best to place God at the center of all you do.

Try praying, praising, and being grateful in all circumstances, and eventually, God replaces you at your center.

It is amazing how much better my life is when I get out of God’s way and I let God be God.

Proverbs 28:26 (NIV), “Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom (with Jesus) are kept safe.”


What beliefs, thoughts, and actions cause you to struggle with ego?

Additional Scripture to read and reflect upon: John 5:30-31, Philippians 2:1-10


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