Crushing Fear – Day 25 – Instant Gratification

The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now.

— Zig Ziglar —

Wise Words

As my first business partner often reminded me, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

It’s incredible how many great things have happened when I’ve overcome the urge to give in to short-term, instant gratification-type fixes.

And believe me, fighting instant gratification-type fixes has been a lifelong process for this recovering addict.


The enemy loves for us to act impulsively, as it often prevents us from achieving the great things God has in store for us.

I often shake my head in disbelief when I observe people who declare time after time they will get out of debt, but their actions continue to dig them into a deeper hole of debt.

The devil often whispers in their ears, “Go ahead, buy it; after all the stuff you’ve just been through, you deserve it.”

Deserve what? Do I deserve to strap myself with more debt?????

Although I don’t know what I’d do without my credit card, we must be on guard with them because the enemy knows it can use them against us. The devil uses our credit cards to get us to act on our emotional impulses and buy stuff we don’t need to make our pit of debt broader and deeper.

Instant gratification grows from a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).  We are afraid if we don’t act now, we will miss out on something good.


Best-selling author Jim Collins once said, “Good is the enemy of great.”

Choosing to wait and seek God’s direction and guidance instead of giving in to my impulses and emotions at the moment had prevented me, many times over the years, from settling for “short-term goods” when God intended to bless me with “long-term greats.

It’s incredible how far we can get ahead by denying our flesh’s desires one day at a time.

Some questions to ask before making important decisions …

  1. Is the action I’m about to take a result of a “nudge” aligned with God’s will or my will?
  2. Have I confirmed with a spiritual accountability partner that this “nudge” is from God and not from me?
  3. Is what I’m about to do aligned with my life purpose (why I’m here)?
  4. Is what I’m about to do aligned with my life vision and goals (where I’m going)?
  5. Is what I’m about to do aligned with my guiding principles (what I stand for)?
  6. Is what I’m about to do aligned with my priorities (my key roles and responsibilities)?

Proverbs 21:5 (NIV), “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”


What beliefs, thoughts, and actions cause you to struggle with instant gratification?

Additional Scripture to read and reflect upon: Romans 5:3-4, James 1:12-18, Hebrews 10:36


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