Whipping the devil – Day 45 – Darkness

Without darkness there would be no need for light…

If you are Christian you most likely know today is Good Friday and if you aren’t, no big deal, God loves you just the same.

Good Friday, over 2000 years ago, was the devil’s version of a world championship…or at least he thought so.

It is the day Jesus was crucified.  In those days death by crucifixion was the most severe and painful form of punishment there was.

As Christians we also know this was a part of God’s plan…yep, God does not always make sense.

You see, God was observing a world immersed in sin and immorality.  A world the devil was ruling.  People were dying to sin in droves.  God loved us so much that instead of allowing the devil to have his way and having us die for our sins, He showed up in the flesh as Jesus and “took one” for all of us.

He was whipped, beaten, spit on, nails were driven through His hands and feet, He died a slow, excruciating death, most likely through asphyxiation as he struggled to keep his head up while gravity was pulling on all parts of his body against the nails.

The devil thought he had won a major victory.

God knew through this act he was taking all the sins of the world upon himself and dying for them in order that we, who are born into sin, may have eternal life regardless of what our sin may be.  All God asks us to do is to die to our sinful self, one day at a time, while trying our best to allow Jesus to live through us.

When I reflect on my darkest days I honestly could feel the devil tugging at me, convincing me “it was too late,” “I was too far gone,”  “I couldn’t be fixed,” “my reputation was tarnished for good” and “I had nothing to live for.”

Then in a moment of “weakness” out of no other reason than I didn’t want to die I turned to God and I sought Jesus to live through me…whatever that meant?!  It hasn’t been a bed of roses but it is a lot easier to function when I’m functioning in the light.

How is the devil playing you today?

Is he telling you you can’t, you aren’t good enough, you aren’t worthy, you don’t need help, you cannot overcome, etc…?  Read the previous 44 blogs as I am sure you can relate to one or two ways the devil is trying to trick you so you will stay in the darkness.

God beats the devil every day of the week because darkness cannot eliminate light.

Pray for the “light” to turn on in your life.  Picture how alive your life will be.  Plan for a life in the light and practice living it a day at a time.

…Good Friday was God’s setback for a setup for a comeback…Easter here we come!



John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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