Replacing fear with God

“The devil has no power…except in the dark.”. ~Casandra Clare

Today is Ash Wednesday and it is the beginning of Lent.  Although I’m not much into religious rituals the period of Lent (47 days leading to Easter) is a great time to draw closer to God by removing anything we are in bondage to.  Being in bondage to something simply means we are allowing another person, place, thing or thought, to separate us from the full transforming powers of Jesus.  The glue that keeps us in bondage is fear.

From now until Easter my blogs will be focused on conquering fear which is the devil’s favorite tool and is the primary reason our ‘God-Purpose’ struggles in coming to life.

If you know someone who could benefit from a 47 day walk focused on overcoming fear, please forward these blogs to them.  After these 47 days I am confident you will be much stronger as you continue on your trek of bringing your God-Purpose to life in 2013.

Fear is often the root of most character defects.  Fear gets us to not try, to not trust, to second guess, to compare ourselves to others, to seek escapes through various addictions, to hold resentments, to give up, to feel inferior, to profess to know it all, to be judgmental, to get us to feel sorry for ourselves,…do you get my drift?

All of the above character defects are easily countered by God but the devil somehow convinces us we have no character defects, or they aren’t that bad, or we are so bad we are not worthy of God’s power, protection and strength.

For the next six and a half weeks my Daily focalPOINT will be focused on “ticking” off the devil by replacing fear with God.

Fear is the devil’s playground.

This is a Lent proposition worth executing as it will change your life.  It will take vigilance and humility on your part as you will need to be willing to name your defects of character and turn them over to God as often as they appear.  A great practice to implement over this 47 day period is to do an end of day inventory of any bad thoughts, words or deeds you didn’t turn over to God during the day, and then turn them over to Him in your end of day prayer.

I don’t know about you but I like ticking off the devil as he once ruled my life and almost got me to destroy it.

Good Luck and stay in the Light!



John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’.”

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